Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesdays Tea

Twinnings Pure Peppermint

For a peppermint tea, I would have to describe this one as 'rich'.  Generally, I associate a 'light and airy' aura around most mint teas, but for some reason, whether it is me on this particular morning or the tea itself, this tea is coming across to me like a deep, moist forest that is rich with black, earthy dirt and bird song.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tea - Blueberry

A long time ago, when I was a kid, I didn't like blueberries, but tastes change as you get older, and I have come to love that tart burst of flavor that explodes in your mouth when biting into a blueberry.

Celestial Seasoning's True Blueberry tea is as close as it comes without the squish of the blueberries themselves.  To me, this tea is fun and perky, and we all need as much of that as we can get!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

For today's Tuesday's Tea, I'm not really highlighting a tea, as I am just having my favorite Lipton.  But I did want to show of my 'My Cup of Tea' Pouch that I made based on the tutorial over at Punk Projects.

It is designed after my own favorite teacup!

You can check out the original tutorial here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

Today's tea is just plain ole straight up Lipton Black Tea.  I know it's just a normal, very common tea, but today it was very special.  See, because of the cold, I put off going to the grocery store to the point that I ran out of tea.  So when I did manage to have that first cup of tea in nearly 24 hours, it tasted so heavenly, to warm and rich, so perfect, that it would be hard for me not to showcase it.

So here's to you my lovely Lipton Black Tea!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Unwanted Things and Other Whatnots Giveaway!

Announcing....  Unwanted Things and Other Whatnots!

Embark upon a fantastic adventure full of wit and whimsy where one person's trash becomes another person's treasure.  Brimming with colorful characters and peculiar places, Unwanted Things and Other Whatnots is sure to capture the imagination and keep the reader engaged, eager to see what happens next!

EXCERPT!! (Giveaway below!)

     Curious, she crossed the street and came to stand before the oddly shaped entrance.  Above it hung a small painted sign.  “Unwanted Things and other Whatnots”  The title read.  An odd title for an odd door, she thought to herself.  Unwanted Things.  She was an Unwanted Thing.  Maybe she could wait in there and be left alone.  After all, who would go into a store full of ‘unwanted things’?
     Abigail pushed open the door.  There was no bell ringing out her presence, no acknowledgement at all.  A thick layer of dust covered the floor, muffling her footsteps across an otherwise creaking, wood planked floor.  She looked around the dimly lit shop.  It was much larger than its placement would have suggested possible.
     Shelves of goods in canning jars lined the walls. Racks of this, that and the other created center aisles, and wind chimes hung from the ceiling. A few books were scattered here and there, and everything lay under an all encompassing layer of dust, giving the impression that this strange little store had resided here, untended, for ages.  But Abigail had never noticed it before.

     “Hello?”  She timidly called out.  Thus far, she had seen no one.
     “Hello?”  “Hello?”  She could hear echoing back at her.
     “Is anyone here?”  She asked into the dim emptiness of the room.
     “Is anyone here?  Of course there’s someone here!”
     Abigail jumped, having convinced herself that she was alone.
     “What kind of shopkeeper do you think I am?”

     She looked around, trying to find the owner of the words, as quick sounding footprints scurried across the floor.
     “So, you’re getting ready for your big adventure, are you?”  A short, well-rounded woman appeared in front of her.  Her gray hair reached out haphazardly from its tight bun, and Abigail wondered if it didn’t have a life of its own.
     “Oh, no ma’am.  I’m not going on any adventures, much less big ones.  You must be expecting someone else.”  She offered politely.
     “Nope!”  The rotund woman announced, squinting through her pointy, red-framed glasses.  “Thin aren’t ya?”  She asked,  looking Abigail up and down.
     With a flurry of activity that was nothing short of an orchestrated ballet, the pudgy little woman went about her way, convinced of Abigail’s adventure.
     “You’ll need some stuff for when you go.”  She said.
     “But I’m not going anywhere but home.”  Abigail tried once again.
     “Home.  Yes, Yes. Going home.”  The gray haired woman mumbled, scurrying to and fro, stuffing this and that into her knapsack.

     “You’ll need a jar of honey.”
     “Honey for what?” Abigail asked.
     “And a bag of berries.”
     “But I’m not...”  She found it hard to finish a sentence around the little old lady.
     “And don’t forget the net.”  She said, thrusting a net into her hands.
     “A net for what?”
     “Well, of course, to catch the fairies.”
     “I don’t understand.”  Abigail remarked, turning in circles, trying to keep pace with the impossibly quick woman.
     “You’ll need a nice long scarf. Yes, the pink one there will do.”
     “A scarf for what?”  She asked.
     “For what?  For what?”
     “But of course it’s all for you.”

     The old lady proved more agile than Abigail could believe as she scampered up rolling ladders, flinging herself from one end of the dust covered bookshelves to the next, gathering unwanted things and other whatnots.
     “But I haven’t any money.”  Abigail admitted, ashamed.
     “Bah!”  The waddling granny scoffed.
     “Money is and money ain’t.
     And little more useful than baubles and paint!”

Bong! Bong! Bong!  The town's clock chimed, informing all of the three o’clock hour.
     “Off you go, my dear.  Off you go.”
     “Remember, no adventure happens without taking the first step.”

     Abigail dizzied, unable to keep up with the strange little woman.  The old lady scampered and scurried and hurried her out the door and onto the main street.  The bright light of the afternoon sun blinded her after her stay in the dimly lit shop, and it took more than just a few seconds to adjust her eyes to see.
     “But I’m not...”  She turned back to the store, determined to return the unwanted, unpaid for items, obviously meant for someone else, but the door by which she had entered and exited was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she found herself standing before a solid brick wall.


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

Better late than never!  Today's Tuesday's Tea is Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Gray.

I love the orange citrus scent mixed with the rich black tea.  I find this tea to be wonderfully delicious and one that I will drink more often.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

Twinnings Peppermint Tea

So I decided that at this point, I might as well go all in and finish out the Twinnings' line.  I have really enjoyed their teas so far, and if it weren't for my Tuesday's Tea, I probably wouldn't have tried them.

So today I tried their Peppermint Tea.  I love mint and I love tea, so it doesn't take much to get a good review from me if the two are combined.  This tea is no exception.  I like the light, springy smell and taste of most any mint, especially peppermint.  I don't find anything that sets the tea apart from other brands of peppermint tea.  It is not a blend, and 100% peppermint and hot water of one brand pretty much tastes like 100% peppermint and hot water of any other brand.  But as I said I love mint, so this one gets a thumbs up from me!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

This morning, I tried Twinnings Lady Gray tea.  Yeah, I know, you would think Twinnings was paying me, but alas, they are not.  I've just been on a kick.

So far, I would say the Lady Gray ties with the Earl Gray tea.  I much prefer their breakfast teas.  This one is not as 'energetic' as the Earl Gray, but still enjoyable.  I guess there really wasn't anything in particular that stood out, other than I liked the blue color of the wrapper!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday's Tea

Twinnings Earl Grey Classics

So ever since I started my Tuesday's Tea, I have been sampling the Twinnings' line.  I am happy to report that I have yet to be disappointed.  Today I tried Twinnings' Earl Grey Classic.  The first thing that I noticed was its very energetic smell.  The minute I opened the little pouch, the smell jumped out and greeted me good morning, not unlike a playful puppy.

The taste follows suit.  I actually find it to have a 'light' overlay compared to the breakfast teas of theirs that I have tried.

Yep.  Really liking this tea!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea Box

Oh My Goodness!!  Check this out!!

Is this not the most beautiful box of tea you've ever seen??  You can see Katie's tutorial here, or just gawk over more photos of it!!